See the World in Volvo’s V90 Cross Country

Intuitive technology and cutting-edge safety features are going to put your mind at ease while you are behind the wheel of Volvo’s newest luxury wagon. The V90 has been designed from the ground up to be as safe as possible without sacrificing comfort or power.

The team here at Dyer & Dyer Volvo Cars believes that Volvo’s V90 Cross Country is going to protect you and your passengers when you need it the most. The standard Pilot Assist system carefully tracks all of the vehicles around you and helps you avoid unnecessary collisions. That system pulls information from dozens of different sensors including a 360˚ camera mounted on top of the vehicle.

For those who regularly drive in stop-and-go traffic, this wagon also boasts auto-braking technology that limits damage during low-speed collisions. When combined with the Pilot Assist system, you and your loved ones are going to be well-protected every time that you hit the streets of Atlanta.



Categories: New Inventory
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