What are Gaskets?

The fluids and gases flowing through your car must be secured for the vehicle to run. Gaskets contribute to that effort by keeping substances in their rightful place.

Oil cannot mix with water and vice versa so long as the rubber caps that are the gaskets are intact. These small gadgets are made to stand against various acids and other fluids that would ordinarily burn through rubber. High temperatures are also nothing that a good gasket cannot handle as the devices are designed to expand as the heat intensifies.

The purpose of a gasket is to provide an ideal seal. Such is the reason why you cannot find a universal or generic device at your local general auto store. Replacing a gasket with the right part requires you to visit the dealer where the manufacturer can order the right gadget.

It is best to visit a car repair professional right away if you suspect one of your gaskets to be faulty or leaking. Replacing the small device quickly can keep you from doing further damage to your vehicle that could lead to an outright overhaul. Stop by Dyer & Dyer Volvo Cars in Chamblee, GA today for an inspection.

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