High-Tech Modern Features of the Volvo S60

The Volvo S60 is a popular compact sedan with four doors. This is a luxury vehicle that provides all of the convenience features and comfort that you could want. It's packed with standard high-tech features and an amazing audio system.

The high-performance audio system offers ten speakers for crisp, clear sound. You also get plenty of volume thanks to the 220 watts of power. The system can be controlled via buttons on the steering wheel or on the infotainment touchscreen display. You can even set up voice commands for hands-free operation.

The Volvo S60 has a number of ways to stay connected as you drive. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility are both included here. There are also USB ports and Bluetooth connections available for your smart phone or other mobile devices. To check these features out or to take a test drive, please visit us at Dyer & Dyer Volvo Cars.



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