Drivers who operate their vehicles in hilly or mountainous areas are well aware of the hazards of such conditions. Thankfully, the popular Volvo V90 deploys a number of technologies that make driving in hilly conditions a breeze. Among these tools are hill-assistive technologies and active cruise control.

Getting vehicles moving on steep roads can be difficult, but the new Volvo V90 crossover addresses this issue with its proprietary Hill Start Assist. Whether drivers are going up or down hills, this system can keep the brakes on for extra moments to allow drivers to get underway.

Closely related to the hill start system is the Hill Descent Control service. Long and steep descents can often tax vehicle suspensions and brakes, but the V90 Hill Descent system automatically takes over this function on behalf of drivers. It can control the brake application of each individual tire, making stopping much more efficient. The new V90 is also a good operator on level roads. It brings to bear a proprietary active cruise control system that can regulate vehicle speed as well as distance from other vehicles.



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