The Volvo XC60 is the height of luxury. With things like heated wiper blades and a surround-sound stereo system, you'll enjoy every moment of your commute when you're relaxing into its soft, comfortable embrace.

Its luxury features aren't the only valuable thing about the Volvo XC60. It also makes a strong showing for one of the best compact SUVs in terms of performance. The engines deliver between 250 - 360 horsepower; the fuel economy is measured between 22 - 29 miles per gallon. It comes with automatic transmission and dashboard driver assist technology to ensure that you always have a smooth ride.

Put the Volvo XC60 on your shortlist if you've been browsing our new Volvo inventory and looking for a great SUV. We'd be happy to tell you more about the vehicle if you want to contact us at Dyer & Dyer Volvo Cars, too. We can even arrange for a test drive.



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