How to Jump Start Another Car

If you drive with an older battery in your car, you may be risking the chance of getting stuck on the road with a dead battery. A cheap battery may only last one year, which is why it’s important to check the rating and duration of your battery by comparing online. In any case, you can simply jump-start your battery to get back on the road. However, you should take your vehicle into the shop right away.

Jump-starting a vehicle takes about 15 minutes and requires a set of jumper cables. Before attempting to jump-start your car, you should make sure that both vehicles are parked and have the ignition turned off. These are cables with red and black clips that connect your car’s dead battery to a working battery in another car. The red clips attach to the positive terminals, and the black clips attach to the negative terminals. The working car battery can then be turned on to start sending a charge to your battery. You will need to wait about 15 minutes before trying to turn on your car.

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