Rearview mirrors that forced you to flip a button to reduce night-driving glare were common in the 20th century. Today's vehicles include mirrors that dim themselves. You might have driven a car with this feature, but you may not know how it works. We can help you see the subject clearly at Dyer & Dyer Volvo Cars. This info will raise your ability to shop confidently for your next vehicle in Chamblee.

Light sensors within these mirrors engage a microprocessor when they pick up strong light. That microprocessor's circuit converts the light into electricity, and it moves that charge toward a layer of gel. This gel has electrochromic properties, which means electricity changes its color. Quickly, the gel darkens to form a filter. As a result, your rearview mirror features significantly reduced glare.

If you've ever looked at a light too long, you can appreciate reduced glare. After all, glare distracts us when we drive, and we're glad auto-dimming mirrors are today's norm.


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