Silver 2020 Volvo XC90

Many of the activities that were once commonplace before the pandemic have now become risky or even prohibited. For example, sitting in a crowded waiting room while a mechanic works on your car is no longer feasible. Nonetheless, your Volvo must receive regular attention to keep severe issues to a minimum and to ensure its reliability. Essential workers must have a dependable way to get to their workplace each day, and even those who are confined to their home most of the time need transportation to seek medical attention, to pick up groceries, and to address other needs. These simple tips will help you to give your Volvo the care that it needs.

Continue Changing the Oil

A regular oil change is one of the most critical steps that are required for superior auto maintenance. While you understandably do not want to sit in a crowded waiting room right now, you can and should still get your Volvo an oil change. Some drivers are making an effort to learn how to change their oil at home. Others are choosing to visit a local service shop that enables them to remain in the car while the oil change is completed.

Inspect Your Volvo

In addition to changing the oil in your Volvo, you should inspect the interior and exterior regularly. Also, take a look under the hood. Even though you may not be a trained mechanic, you may identify areas of concern that require attention. In some cases, you could address those issues yourself and save yourself a trip to the repair shop down the road.

Drive Your Volvo

Essential workers understandably are driving their Volvo cars and SUVs regularly, but those who are stuck at home likely are not. Even though you must stay at home as much as possible, your vehicle should be driven regularly. Doing so may reduce the risk of damage to hoses, brake pads, belts, tires, and other components.

Your Volvo can continue to provide you with safe, reliable transportation throughout the pandemic and beyond when you care for it properly. These tips will promote superior auto care without exposing you to risks unnecessarily.