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Welcome to the Dyer & Dyer Volvo Model Review section of our website. We do everything possible to streamline your shopping experience by providing detailed reviews for every model in stock. Volvo vehicles are complex vehicles that vary significantly between the range of models offered. It is difficult to digest all the information without highlighting the virtues of each model. Volvo has such a stellar reputation for its focus on safety. But, beyond safety; Volvo vehicles are elegant, luxurious, and engineered for performance.

We guarantee that you will fall in love with your new Volvo. Before you devote yourself to one particular model, please read our model reviews and some general features of the Volvo brand below.

Leading the Way in Safety

Ever since the first production in 1927, the vision for the Volvo brand in making the safest automobiles on the market has progressed into a self-fulfilling prophecy. They are the only vehicle manufacturer to produce vehicles that have little to no fatalities associated with them. Volvo is famous for stacking Volvo vehicles one on top of the other to emphasize the strength of their reinforced rooves. The vehicle mass is critical when considering how well the occupants will fair in a collision with a larger vehicle. Therefore, Volvo vehicles are built to industrious standards that protect the lives of the occupants.


Many Volvo models come equipped with turbocharged engines that put out over 300 horsepower and nearly identical torque figures to launch the vehicle in full load. The all-wheel-drive ensures that every ounce of power is delivered efficiently across diverse terrains. If one wheel begins to lose traction, the power is instantly transferred to another for powerful compensation. Volvo vehicles are also engineered with various driving modes that change the shift points and overall performance of the vehicle for maximum fuel economy or maximum performance in different terrains. The automatic transmissions feature smooth assemblies of up to eight gears and the option to drive in manual mode. Having this range of gearing allows them to compete against the smoothness of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) without undermining the benefits of having a gear range with its intuition.


Volvo vehicles are endowed with an iconic styling that screams quality of fitment and attention to detail. The paints and chrome accents are vivid. The build of each vehicle is stately and reassuring to drivers on the road who do not want to feel like they are driving in a flimsy piece of plastic. Each Volvo features a styling of modernity that speaks volumes to the technology behind its engineering. The interior styling is just as futuristic, featuring standard leather seats and aluminum-trimmed panels that look like they came out of a spaceship. And you will feel like you are ready to blast off every time you drive your new Volvo if not from the styling alone.

Please peruse our model reviews and make a list of your favorites. Setting up a test-drive to obtain personal experience on the models you adore is as easy as scheduling an appointment or stopping by our dealership. We will pair you up with the hottest sellers and provide you with the exceptional deal that fits your budget and lifestyle.

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